Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Adults only
Location: At KIXX or online (Zoom)
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Adults only
Location: At KIXX or online (Zoom)
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Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan is a Kung Fu style originating from the Shaolin of Southern China which is now based in Quanzhou, Fujien Province. This formidable style combines the best elements from the following five systems:

  • Baihe (Peho)……………..(Fukien White Crane)
  • Hou Quan (Kao Kun)…..(Monkey Boxing)
  • Taizu (Tai Cho)…………..(Boxing of Emperor Sung Tai Cho)
  • Lohan (Lohan)…………..(Lohan Boxing)
  • Damo (Tat Chun)………..(Iron body training)

The essence of Wuzuquan is referred to as Sanzhan (Three Battles) and is contained within the first form.There are a series of forms and set routines that supplement and develop the first four principles of; Absorb, Float, Sink, Release. The forms when perfected and applied will enhance the principles within Sanzhan by promoting correct timing, accuracy, distance, footwork, posture and ‘heavy’ technique…

Overview: Partner practice sets are vital to learn and develop the applications from this system. Familiarity with various levels of contact is necessary to develop the application of the skills under pressure. The sets include Partner Catching for the development of; sensing, intent, structure, relaxation, timing, etc. etc. at all levels. There are Conditioning Sets to improve the bodies resistance to hard contact situations. Each of the weapons taught within the system has a sparring set to emphasise distance, timing, accuracy and respect.

Our Grandmaster Kim Sen Han (Shigong Han Jin Yuan), disciple to Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong (Shizu Xu Jin Dong) has written a number of books detailing the martial content, principles, training, tennets of the Wuzuquan System.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase any of these useful reference books…

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