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Wujiquan (All Emptiness Fist)

Wuji (aka Wuchi) practice enables you to relax and know that your calm mind can easily overcome any obstacle trying to force you off the road to peace and tranquillity.

Wuji knowledge helps establish a balance between strength and flexibility much like a tree that is able to withstand hurricane force winds by firmly rooting at its base while passively yielding its branches as the wind dictates.

Wuji understanding seeks to reconnect the mind to the body, the conscious to the subconscious and the individual to the environment thus eliminating tension and anxiety.

No matter how relaxed you are, relax some more.”

With all the pressure of today’s hectic society it is extremely difficult to let go of the many factors that create stress and tension. Wuji teaches you how to hold your body in a balanced state. It also teaches you how to calm your mind and relax.

Suitable for all adults, especially older adults looking to maintain a practical level of physical and mental exercise.

Please note that many of the Wuji / Chi Gong excercises can be practiced in a seated position.

The first 12 Chracters of the Wuji Form:

1) Yin

2) Yang

3) Wind

4) Cloud

5) Rain

6) Clearing the sky

7) Sky

8) Sun

9) Moon

10) Shining

11) Rfelection

12) Radiance

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