6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
All ages
Location: At KIXX
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Adults only
Location: At KIXX
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Weapons are only taught to those that are considered responsible and want to develop a good understanding and appreciation of weapon training.

A weapon form is something akin to a preset, prearranged fight routine. The partner sparring sets are performed with vigour and a martial reality that creates a believable and highly reactive routine. The ease with which these routines are performed conceal the amount dedication and practice that is required by the martial artist(s).

Please do not copy without appropriate training, guidance and attention to health and safety!!

Some of the weapons taught at KIXX Martial Arts Club include:

Please note that Restrictions Apply to attend this class. For more information, please ask...

  • Broadsword (Dao)
  • Southern Broadsword (Nan Dao)
  • Straightsword (Jian)
  • Peddlars Pole (Bian Dan)
  • Longstick (Xingzhegun)
  • Shortstick (Shaogun)
  • Tonfa (Shuang Guai Zi)
  • Butterfly Knives (Zimudao)
  • Spear (Qiang)
  • Cudgel (Gun (pronounced: Goon))
  • Cane (Bian)
  • 3 section Staff (Sanjigun)
  • 9 section Whip (Jiu Jie Bian)
  • Rope Dart (Sheng Biao)
  • Sai (Shuangchai)
  • Knife (Dao)
  • Fan (Pie Shan)

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