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The Club is run by Nigel Gilham (8th Dan Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan) and Tracy Gilham (7th Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan) who have a combined experience in martial arts of over 70 years! Their levels were awarded to them in person at the South Shaolin Wuzuquan Union Meeting in Quanzhou, China.

Nigel and Tracy are both students of Grandmaster Han Jin Yuan (Kim Sen Han) who is a disciple of the late Grandmaster Xu Jin Dong (Chee Kim Thong). They have strong training links to the South Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou, China and to the Chee Kim Thong Health and Pugilistic Society in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Instructors / Coaches provide expert tuition at the Club in Maidstone, Kent, UK, and over the internet (via Zoom). There is a varied timetable of scheduled classes available along with the option of 1-2-1 personal training.

Adults and children are welcome.



Sifu Nigel Gilham, Chief Instructor

• Formally recognised as a Si fu by Shigong Kim Han on 4th January 2010.
• Awarded my 8th Dan Black Sash, Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan at an award ceremony in the home of Southern Shaolin – Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China in November 2016
3rd Dan Black Sash, KIXX Chinese Boxing
2nd Dan Black Belt, Shotokan Karate
• Public Liability / Indemnity Insurances
• Qualified International Wushu Judge ( experienced at European level)
• Enhanced DBS…
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Sifu Tracy Gilham, Senior Instructor

7th Dan Black Sash, Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan - Chee Kim Thong - UK / Europe [ Han Jin Yuan] . Presented in China in November 2016
5th Dan Black Sash, KIXX Chinese Boxing
• Member of the KIXX Martial Arts Club Technical Committee
• Instructors Indemnity Insurance
• Qualified KIXX Chinese Boxing Instructor
• Qualified Wujiquan Instructor
• Qualified Wushu Judge / Instructor
• Enhanced DBS Checked

My Background:

I began training in 1989 at an evening class for martial arts. I went along…
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Sifu Ian Gauron, Instructor

• KIXX Martial Arts Club Technical Committee member.
5th Dan Black Sash Senior Instructor, KIXX Chinese Boxing ( Chang Chuen Shu – Northern Long Fist)
3rd Dan Black Sash Senior Instructor, Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan ( graded under Grandmaster Kim Han)

My Background:

I started training in 1979 aged 18. I studied Chang Chuen Shu ( Northern Shaolin Longfist ) under Shifu Chris Ellerker. I was particularly interested in free fighting and martial applications something that…
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Sifu Mark Bond, Instructor

5th Dan Black Sash Senior Instructor, KIXX Chinese Boxing, Chang Chuen Shu
3rd Dan Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan Senior Instriuctor, ( graded under Grandmaster Kim Han)
• Member of the KIXX Martial Arts Club Technical Committee
• Public Liability / Indemnity Insurance
• Emergency First AiderEnhanced CRB Checked

My Biography:

I started training in martial arts in 1983 when I was 16 years old with Chris Linsted; I trained with him for 2 years before going to Sifu Chris Ellerker, Chief…
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Sifu Andrew Cole, Instructor

Chief Instructor at KIXX Glos

Andy Cole ( aka Cole) started training in martial arts at the age of 18 with Tae Kwon Do. Through Tae Kwon Do he developed more of his taste for the martial arts. When he moved to Maidstone aged 21 to pursue his education in film, he took the opportunity to train in Chinese martial arts. He has not looked back, constantly trying to improve himself and push his own limitations, be they physical or mental. Having spent over 8 years at KIXX Martial Arts Club…
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Marcus Ansell, Instructor

Started training: January 2001 as a Tai Chi student.

Competition successes: These include a number of gold, silver and bronze medals, most noticeably at the BCCMA International Invitational Tournament held at the British Army Technical Foundation College in Berkshire on the 2nd June 2002 where I won a silver medal in the Qing Da fighting. I also achieved a gold medal in 2006 for the short / long stick weapons sparring at the BNMAA World championships held at the Crystal Palace National…
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John King, Instructor

I started training at KIXX 15 years ago doing the San Shou ( /classes/about/sanshou/) exclusively for about 3 years until I had an opportunity to move to Maidstone to train in pretty much everything else taught at KIXX. Highlights along the way were getting my 1st Dan black sash in Chinese Boxing ( /classes/about/chinese-boxing/) which is honestly the toughest exam I've ever done, competing in the International Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan Union tournament in Quanzhou, China, and training in the…
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Steve Mallion, Instructor

My Achievements:

Instructor - Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan ( 2nd Dan Black Sash Grade under Grandmaster Kim Han)

Instructor - Wujiquan ( All Emptiness Fist)

My Background:

My 6 year old daughter started the Chinese Boxing classes at KIXX Martial Arts Club in early 2010 and soon after, I started training in Wujiquan as the classes were conveniently on at the same time.

After training for a short time I was introduced to Pushing Hands and Wuzuquan and then commenced attending these classes as well.
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Eugene Hadlow, Instructor

Eugene ( aka; Jenga) is an Instructor for both the Chinese Boxing ans Sanshou ( Full-Contact) classes. . .

• Northern Shaolin Long Fist 1st Dan level
• Certified Sanshou ( Sparring) Instructor
• BCCMA Level 2 Coaching
• Enhanced DBS
• First Aider
• Public Liability Insurance

Originally from the Ukraine, now a British citizen, Jenga has studied KIXX Chinese Boxing since he was approx 15 years of age. His talents have taken him towards the competition fighting events. He is a strong competitor…
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Paul Buckley, Instructor


I started training in martial arts with KIXX in 2001. I have practiced a range of arts including chang chuen, tai chi, boxing, pushing hands, san shou, jeet kune do, and wuzuquan.

I left the UK in 2004/2005 and sought out different schools and styles. There were few alternatives that I benefited from as much as KIXX, and I found more value in the forms and conditioning training on my own. I was able to train further in China and Malaysia but always stayed connected to…
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