KIXX Martial Arts (KMA) Club, Maidstone
Authentic Traditional CHINESE Martial Arts…

What will I find at KIXX Martial Arts Club?

  • A Full Time Chinese Martial Arts ClubShaolinTempleGate
  • Atmosphere – Relaxed, Friendly, Hard-Working, Fun…
  • Affordable Membership (various options) or ‘Pay as You Go’
  • Plenty of choice…
  • Instructors – Qualified, Insured, Enhanced DBS.
  • Changing Rooms / Shower
  • Three Training Rooms
  • Regular Classes / Courses / Personal Tuition for Adults, Children, Ladies Only
  • Car Park

Which class……….?Wuchi

  • Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan – Five Ancestors Fist
  • Nan Shaolin Wuchi Quan (similar=Taichi)
  • Traditional Northern Kungfu
  • Competition Wushu
  • KIXX Boxing / Martial Circuits / Gutz N Butz
  • Self-Defence / Sparring (Full & Semi-Contact)


See the rooms available for training below…


                                           UPSTAIRS HALL





                                          MARTIAL ROOM





                                          DOWSTAIRS HALL





                                         MARTIAL FITNESS…





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