7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Adults only
Location: At KIXX
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Competition Sparring:
Sanshou is a Full-Contact using punching, kicking and throwing to the floor for points. The rules in use are from the International Wushu Federation.

Classes are suitable for both male and female students. Sanshou is restricted to over 18’s. Minimum equipment required for these classes will be, gum shield, groin guard, boxing gloves (usual 10 or 12oz), hand wraps. Extra equipment may include, shin pads, chest guard and head guard.

NOTE: When training the level of contact will be agreed by the students in question. NO-ONE will be expected to spar in a full-contact environment without first having the training and confidence to do so.

For further clarification or more for information please contact Nigel.

A ‘Fight Club’ forum of get togethers are arranged on a Saturday afternoon on a monthly basis as a regular practice sessioin. This is not a formal class. Dates to be confirmed each month…


I was nervous about coming to KIXX Martial Arts but needn’t have been. The atmosphere is open, friendly and relaxed but the training is hard and vigorous! i’ve learnt more than i could have imagined thanks to the excellent instructors at KIXX.” John King

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