Steve May

KIXX Martial Arts Club – Instructor


April 2015 – KIXX Chinese Boxing awarded my 2nd Dan Black Sash.

June 2011 – KIXX Chinese Boxing awarded my 1st Dan Black Sash.

June 2011 – KIXX Chinese Boxing awarded my Instructor Certificate.

BCCMA Coaching, Level 2.

Emergency First Aid – Maidstone Borough Council Course

Early History:

In 1975 Bruce Lee mania was sweeping the UK. A two page article in the Kent Messenger newspaper proclaims “Kung Fu comes to Maidstone”. Two weeks later I had started my training under Shifu Chris Ellerker’s classes every Sunday at the YMCA near Loose, Kent.

Notable Events:

I witnessed a demonstration by Shizu Chee Kim Thong of South Shaolin Wuzuquan fame at Shigong Kim Han’s training studio on Portobello Road, London.

I regularly taught for Shifu Ellerker and his then high grades, to cover for holidays, absences, etc.

I performed Chen Su Form in front the fledgling kung fu council, now known as the BCCMA (British Council for Chinese Martial Arts) as part of Shifu Ellerker’s Chang Chuen Shu team.

Recent History:

After years of being pestered by sons (I am sure some you have had the same) I finally agreed to accompany them to a martial arts school. Shifu Ellerker’s standard proved to be a very difficult act to follow. However after a number of disappointments whilst searching, I eventually decided to try KIXX Martial Arts Club. I had found a link to them on the internet with reference to an award ceremony that had been mentioned on the BCCMA website. Our first lesson was in the spring of 2006 – I was re-hooked to training.

My first grading was on the 21st July 2007 and reconfirmed my Brown Sash level / standard and also as a certificated Assistant Instructor of Chinese Boxing (Chang Chuen Shu). The syllabus had altered over the years so as well as relearning hand and weapon sets / routines; I had in addition, to learn new and complicated patterns.

It is possible for students to become complacent as a Brown Sash instructor but the next test is Black Sash. This level will be found as highly technical, exhausting and easily failed if not fully prepared. I was pleased, concerned and motivated when in early May 2011, I was given the date of the 19th June which was to be my Black Sash grading day.

I was age 52 years at that time so I was advised that there may be a slight modifications to the test placing more emphasis on the syllabus leading to Black Sash and sparring possibly being replaced by ‘Pushing Hands’. On the day ofthe assessment however, after all of the above advice and training, Nigel (Chief Instructor of KIXX Martial Arts Club) and the rest of the grading panel, decided not to make any concessions at all. Therefore I had to perform the full range of sparring in addition to the Pushing Hands and the syllabus to Black Sash.


After 23 years, I discovered how much I had not forgotten. I reached a level of flexibility and fitness that I had not enjoyed since my 20’s. I felt I had peaked again at 52 years of age by working so very hard to be awarded my 1st Dan Black Sash only 29 years after I began training! I am now very pleased to be able to add a very difficult and hard won, 2nd Dan level to my growing list of achievements.

Personal Goals:

To continue training / having fun.

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