Helen Grant MP – Visits KIXX Martial Arts Club

Helen Grant MP said:

“It was a real pleasure to come and visit KIXX today, and to see one of their classes for myself. It is a wonderful way for everyone to get active, learn some new skills, and have a great deal of fun.

I very much support what Nigel and his team are doing, and I hope that the Club goes from strength to strength.”


Kidz Qingda classes

My daughter (9) and son (7) have been attending KIXX for just over a year. They love the club and have learnt techniques very quickly. It is fun and friendly but also disciplined environment. My daughter particularly enjoys the light contact sparring which is taught in a very safe and controlled way. The children have lots of fun, lots of praise given, lots of instructors who build a great rapport with the children – I would definitely recommend this club.                                                                                                                     Deborah (Parent)


Leybourne, St Peters and St Pauls After School Club

The children have really enjoyed the KIXX Martial Arts club and we have had lots of positive feedback from parents and children. The children have enjoyed the stretches and the chance to earn coloured belts. Thank you for providing a new club which the children have enjoyed.                                              Kelly (Teacher)

North Borough After School Club

All positive feedback from parents and staff. Children love receiving their belts and certificates in assembly. You can see the pride on their faces. Thank you.                                                                         Debbie (Staff)


Ladies ONLY Big H.I.T. Martial Exercise Day

Whole body workout with some variable differences due to injuries. Well structured, steady pace.    Karen

Great class, covered all parts of the body. I left feeling like I had had a great all over workout.              Sam

Thank you for another good course. Look forward to the P.H.I.T. sessions over the Summer – would be interested in a talk by a nutritionist on diet for ‘flabby’ bits if possible.                                            Fiona

Very good worked around injuries and very supportive. Had lots of fun. Really enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!            Vicki

Lots of variety and exercises, breaks for drinks as and when required. Alternative exercises provided. Good pace, lots of fun.                                                                                                                     Katherine

Another good course. You might want to advertise 10am start rather than 9:30 to get more people. Have heard some people say that 9:30 is too early for a Sunday.                                                                             Jo

Very friendly and fun course. I feel like I have had a good workout but had good fun at the same time.   Nat

Absolutely fabulous morning with great people. Certainly feel the difference from the range of exercises. Erica


KIXX Martial Arts – Childrens Easter School

Dominika had good fun! She enjoyed martial activities and games. Great course for children! Thank you for teachers for huge efforts and your time 🙂                                                                                                    (Milena Slubowska  for Dominika aged 9 yrs)


KIXX Martial Arts at St Lukes Cub Night for a ‘martial fitness’ session.

The Cubs really enjoyed it. The instructor was clear, patient, and inspired enthusiasm. The pace was just right. The Cubs never looked bored, there was lots of content and it was all excellent value for money. A brilliant experience for the Cubs – would highly recommend the club.                                                               Hannah Rumball (Akela)

Instructors had very good instructions and delivered them to the children clearly. Kept the Cubs interested for the whole session. Control over the children was maintained. They all looked as though they were enjoying themselves!                                          Angela Sissons


KIXX Martial Arts Members Testimonial

“You’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a go and it may be one of the best decisions you make. You may be surprised how many benefits martial arts training can give you. KIXX is great for beginners as everyone is given equal care, attention and respect regardless of their ability.                                                                                         John K (31 years of age)


KIXX Martial Arts – Ladies ONLY ‘After Christmas‘ Courses:

Ladies Fun and Martial Fitness Course

Had lots of fun, well enjoyed. I will feel it tomorrowJ. I will come again.               Natasha

Great class. Good variety of things. Great fun!                                                          Joanna

Very enjoyable thank you Tracy – particularly liked the circuit training with use of the gym room. I would definitely come if run again.                                                          Fiona

Very good organised and friendly group. As this was my first time everyone made me feel welcome.                                                                                                                             Erica

Initially I didn’t think I would be able to do a class that lasted two and half hours but it was paced really well. I enjoyed the stretching as it gave me time to catch my breath and recover between the other exercises. Thank you Tracy. I am looking forward to the next session.                                                                                                                                Sam

Loved the circuit training, new faces which was nice to see and we made feel welcome. Worked hard but still friendly relaxed atmosphere. Would have liked more stomach exercises. Thank you! Loved it!                                                                                           SJ

A wide variety of exercises targeting all parts of the body. If someone was unable to complete an exercise then an alternative was given to them. The session catered to all abilities.                                                                                                                          Katherine

Really good fun, kept my brain stimulated. Lots of individual support as a new member. Challenging and supportive.                                                                                           Beverley


KIXX Martial Arts – After School Club Testimonials

Very positive feedback. Children like coming, the activities and certificates are both popular. Parents have commented that it is good for children to do a disciplined activity such as KIXX Martial Arts.

Mr. Hills – Leybourne (St Peter and St Pauls C of E Primary School)


KIXX Martial Arts – Ladies ONLY Classes / Courses

Lots of fun, good workout, don’t think I will be able to walk for the rest of the week. Managed to keep pace with Jo and Tracy. Good fun!                                                 Natasha

The course had lots of variety in terms of the content and it was well divided up – time was allocated to all parts of the body. If someone was unable to do one of the exercises an alternative was provided.                                                                                             Katherine

Very good class. Something for everyone, really enjoyed the stretches & the pad work.   Jo

Very good. Enjoyed (!) it.         Jo (W)

Great course. Thank you Tracy for all your efforts. Very much enjoyed and feel good for it. Will check out future classes for me.                                                                                  Fiona


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