Chinese Weapons (Restrictions Apply)

Day and Time:KIXX Tracy-Coach Liu

  • Mondays         5:00pm – 5:45pm

Weapons are taught to those that are responsible and want to develop a good understanding and appreciation of the weapons training. A weapon set is something akin to a preset, prearranged stunt fight. A set is performed with vigour and a martial reality that creates a believable routine. The ease with which this routine is performed belies the amount of practice and dedication required by the martial artist. Some of the weapons taught at KIXX Martial Arts Club include:

  • Broadsword (Dao)6
  • Southern Broadsword (Nan Dao)
  • Straightsword (Jian)
  • Longstick (Xingzhegun)
  • Shortsick (Shaogun)
  • Butterfly Knives (Zimudao)
  • Spear (Qiang)
  • Cudgel (Gun (pronounced: Goon))
  • Cane (Pian)
  • 3 section Staff (Sanjigun)
  • 9 section Whip
  • Rope DartNG-Broadsword
  • Sai (Shuangchai)
  • Knife
  • Fan


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