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KIXX Boxing Exercises:                                     Gutz n Butz Exercise:

NOTE: Attendance in these classes may be in the Club or via Zoom (for more information, please get in touch)

Mondays       6:00 – 7:00pm                                 Saturdays   11 – 12noon

Tuesdays       6:00 – 7:00pm 

Thursdays     6:00 – 7:0pm

Continuous Personal Development (CPD) allows individuals to work at their own pace in these mixed ability classes. Improving confidence and wellbeing are two of the key factors necessary to persevere with this healthy training routine.

KIXX Boxing: The main goal for these classes is to promote cardio exercises for improving fitness, weight loss, strength and conditioning. Coaches provide a clear emphasis on correct technique for pad work and circuit training. Boxing gloves or bag gloves may sometimes be required for this class. Techniques will have an origin in the Chinese Martial Art systems but the emphasis will be martial fitness based. No sparring.

Gutz N Butz: This is a mainly toning, strength and conditioning martial exercise class with an emphasis on correct posture. A typical class lesson plan would involve a warm up  followed by some vigorous and enjoyable toning and strengthening exercises. Members of the class are encouraged to work at their own pace. A warm down will take place before leaving the class.


“Very welcoming, fun, friendly, accommodating and professional team. Extremely informative! Nervous to start with, yet very patient to members who don’t always get it, they find an alternative method or way . An excellent balance also for the kids; of fun and discipline whilst learning.”                                                                                 SJ Broad


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